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updated: 9/9/18

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ALASKA - The Map (this is no longer working)

Alaska 2016 - pictures


ready to go

Dawson creek - the required picture!

Lunch at Wendys in whiteCourt

Bison on highway as Liard plains park

one of 12 bear we saw in one day.

snowy view on drive up

Caribou on road near chicken

Frozen lake Muncho

Snow still heavy on the mountains

Cleared out trailer so we could clean and do other work on it

New Floor was installed.

Also new counter tops and new indoor propane stove

Hail covered everything one day. Those are the solar panels used to charge the battery we use for lights in the trailer

on first trip up the river I saw many ice burgs on shore
After the first flood they were all washed away.

Sorry for the delay in getting pictures but forgot the cable, had trouble with public networks, and I even forgot to update the link to the alaska maps. Hope to fix all as time goes on. But other than that we are well. currently truck is parked and not working as we wait for the fairbanks ford dealer to mail us a fuel line part that broke. Also, river is VERY high at the moment so between the truck part we're waiting for and the high river, were just sitting here. Hmmm. Nancy just baked some cookes, gotta go.

So far the camp on the north fork has survived the multiple floods and as of 10 days ago was still there.
currently were waiting for the river to go down again as we got several inches of rain a few days ago.
current plan is "IF" there is no more rain I should be able to get back up there in two more days
just after the first flood the water was with in 18 inches of the bear fence.

last saturday nanc was unable to use the outhouse for a while as a moose had decided
to have supper on the path. this is about 40-50 feet from our trailer.

6/14: haven't had good enough internet connection to fix any links on the web site yet.
Now, as for the truck,
it turned out the problem was a bit more serious. I was able to drive it to Tok doing 1 MPH uphills and 50-70 down the hills.
In tok it was looked at and I was told no one in town could handle or had the experience for a job that big.(contaminated fuel system on a newer ford diesel)
I was also told the tow to fairbanks was around $2,000.
Luckly, that same day a friend from wis got to tok and said if I could wait a few days for him to unload, he had a trailer that can haul 10,000 lbs and that he would be willing to tow me to Fairbanks.
Well, the story gets long and complicated but after a rental truck problem and a delay of at least a week before final diagnosis, we ended up:
Paying for a very expensive short term truck rental that we were not supposed to drive to chicken and if we did get caught, there were hugh penalties
then we ended up buying a 1994 chevy truck in Tok,
then finally we got the estimate of 11K to fix our truck
If all goes well we should get our truck back in 3-7 days and we'll still have an extra 1994 truck.
Oh yea, the river is up again and we havn't found a single gold flake yet.
Hmmm, I guess we must be having fun as why else would we be here!!!

Our "Chicken" truck


A short movie with a view of our base camp in chicken in mid May. Notice the Snow?
Click on link then select open


the dredge on the North Fork Claim

Found this in the river near our camp on the South Fork. It is the foot from a jet boat.

Going up river on the north Fork. notice the NEW windsheld?

Our Camp on the South Fork

A view in side our kitchen, Notice, this year we have a floor !!!

Some of the hovercraft that were on the river this year.


From the hill above Chicken during Chicken Stock
Click on link then select open and yes this one has sound.