For sale: Proline 3 inch highbanker / dredge combo $1250.00 obo

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This page last updated: 12/2/2018

This High banker / dredge that has produced some Good gold for me over the years however,
I've moved up to a 6 inch and no longer use this.
Everything works and is in good shape.
I last used this in Alaska in 2014.
The engine mount can accept a T-80 compressor if at someday in the future you decide to add it.
The belt for the T-80 is already mounted on the pump.
NOTE: T-80 is NOT included, I mention it only to let you know it can be added relatively easily.

If this were new from Proline the price would be over $3100 plus shipping and even if you only got just the combo New from Proline with no engine hoses or pump it would be over $1900 plus shipping. Here you get the entire package for only $1250 and plus that price includes the optional swivel tip which is shown in the pictures and an extra miners moss. I am not able to ship this item therefor you will need to pick up here in Wis. please contact me with any questions
NOTE: Do NOT send text message as phone does not accept them.

Please note: this has been sold and is no longer available


the supper hot spot in North Carolina - 2oz found in a week
Note: the highbanker and motor mounted on floats

Set up on private property in North Carolina

Working Water fall on private property in NC

Heather Grove in NC

High banking in Alaska in 2013

Setting up High banker at healther grove before they went out of business. angle is still to steep in this picture

The Correct way to go high banking

Good place to go - 'If' they are still there