A few Pictures from a Trip to Alaska

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The first Night we stayed at Sue and Larrys place.

Our first day in Chicken as we started to setup the base camp.

This is a large boiler that the old timers used to create steam so they could then melt the permafrost (it was about 30 feet behind our camp.

Our Camp shortly after set up(boiler is by the arrow).

Aaaah. were here!

The HOT spot on our claim!

Time for lunch and to enjoy the view.

Panning Contest at 4th of July picnic in Chicken.

Sun Rise and Sun sets (placemat at restaurant in Eagle).

Rainbow. in late June.

Inside of the carport we had set up at the Chicken base camp.

Nancy titled this "Love on the 40 mile".

The sign that locals see as they are leaving Eagle.

Look close and you'll see a bears foot print. Print was found 3 feet away from kitchen tent.
No damage was done.

The 2nd time the bear came thru we were not so lucky.

I guess the bear decided that foam was't very tasty.

These guys seemed to always be on the road.

Many Eagles were seen over the summer.

Stopping at the ghost town of Frankln.

Heres the answer to the question of how far did we go with the Hovercraft over the summer.

What I found as I went to check on the camp during the flood in middle of August.

another view of the Caribou and our camp.

Because of all the rain and flooding we had lots of time to hike around the area. This is the old Chicken Cemetary (Newst markers we found were 1911).

A glacier.

A glacier in fall along Hwy 1 on the way to Anchorage.

The Glaciers are definatly getting smaller due to global warming!!

Common site in Chicken.

Mountain view while driving to Ankorage

Raw Gold

Refined gold.

Nancy with local domestic animal. .

Musk Ox farm .

Look Close! Northern Lights .

It's late August and the nights are getting colder. .

Below here are a few videos. Warning, They bounce around a lot.
Just click on the link and then you may need to wait a while as they are LARGE files and take some time to download.

Driving in Hovercraft past the old bucket dredge on the Mosquito River!
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This is a bunch of movies all stuck together
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